Driving School Instructor in Worthing.

We're well aware many parents search for Driving School Instructors in Worthing for their children, perhaps to give lessons as gifts...so value for money, peace of mind and the quality of tuition are your top concerns....and rightly so!



Well at Let's Get Going Driving School we offer FREE access to Theory Test Pro, which 

is an online system we highly recommend, we always encourage students to start their Theory training immediately....in the car we are then able to knowledge "check" which is much quicker than "teaching"....this means more lesson time is devoted to driving the car....which saves money.

Meet the tuition vehicles!...a 3 door and a 5 door Mercedes A-Class, both with manual gears...the A-Class offers a slightly higher than normal driving position, they have great all round visibility which helps inspire confidence quickly. As you would expect from a premium marque, comfort is assured while safety and reliability are second to none.

Peace of mind.

We are courteous, professional and fully qualified ADI's, (Approved Driving Instructors in Worthing...not Trainee Instructors) and display the required green badge on the windscreen of the car while teaching. As fully qualified Instructors we are licensed by The Driving Standards Agency (DSA - an Executive Agency of the Department of Transport for the government set up under the provisions of the Road Traffic Act 1988).

For your security, the DSA is responsible for maintaining and checking the standards of all ADI's. To qualify, we must: be registered with the DSA, have passed a criminal record check, pass a much tougher theory and practical driving test, and pass a test of our ability to give instruction, display an ADI identification certificate on the windscreen of the tuition vehicle, maintain a high standard of instruction - and the DSA checks this standard regularly.

In addition to the standard qualifications, licensing and testing, we also ensure that all our tuition is motivated, patient, fun and uses the latest teaching techniques. Learning to drive can be a fun and enjoyable experience in the right hands. Emphasis on safety remains our utmost priority at all times, but we find that relaxed and happy students learn far more effectively and quicker than students who are nervous or feel uncomfortable.

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Instructor Code of Conduct.
The Instructor will be polite, courteous, professional and of smart appearance at all times.
The car will arrive in good, legal condition, will be tidy and be comprehensively insured at all times.
The car will always have sufficient fuel for the lesson therefore ensuring no time is taken from the pupil’s lesson for fuelling the car. If a particularly long lesson is booked and necessitates a re-fuelling stop then time will be added to the end of the lesson by way of compensation.
All lessons will start punctually unless traffic conditions make this impossible, in this situation time will be added to the end of the lesson.
The Instructor will display his DSA badge of qualification at all times whilst instruction is taking place.
The Instructor will ensure that sufficient levels of both Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public liability insurance are maintained at all times.
The vehicle will be made available to all students with a Driving Test booked at Worthing Test Centre as long as:
1.The test is booked with mutual agreement,
2.There is a minimum of 48 hours notice
3.The test is booked using the Instructors ADI number – available on request.
This will ensure that no duplicate test booking can be made.
Lessons will only be cancelled by the instructor in an emergency situation or if a pupil secures a test at short notice (although this is rare), however at least 24 hours notice will be given, in the exceptional circumstances that this notice period is not possible then the affected pupil will receive 30 minutes of additional instruction free of charge, or a £10 credit  towards their next lesson.


Terms and Conditions of Business.
Pupils must be ready to start the lesson on time. It is normally not possible to add time to the end of a lesson.
All lessons must be pre-paid or paid in cash on the day.
Existing pupils may be able to pay by cheque but only with prior permission from the Instructor.
All pupils must be in a fit state to drive at the time of and for the duration of the lesson. If a pupil arrives in a condition unfit to drive due to alcohol/ drugs or medication the lesson will be cancelled and the pupil charged for the full cost of the lesson.
The pupil must immediately notify the Instructor of any changes or restrictions to their driving licence and/or any changes to their health (including the need to wear glasses or contact lenses whilst driving). Health changes must also be notified to the DVLA with immediate effect .
If it is necessary for a pupil to cancel or change a lesson then a minimum notice period of 24 hours must be given or the Instructor reserves the right to make a charge of £10.